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Saturday, May 25, 2019

About Us

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Why Rockets Compression?

RockcketsRange.com | Why Rockets Compression?

The Rockets Range is proudly brought to you by Medac, a leading local manufacturer of sports injury supports and medical bracing. Included in the Rockets range is the Graded Compression garments. These garments are unique for the following reasons:

  • They are designed using Medac’s traditional strengths and knowledge gained from working with top European Plastic surgery manufactures
  • They are manufactured from an exclusively produced, high quality Grade 1 compression fabric
  • The garments have been tested and generate 11 – 20 mmHg (grade 1 classification) of pressure on the athlete’s skin
  • Most importantly, the compression produced is graduated, in other words, it is tighter at the bottom than at the top, still keeping within the recommended pressure range
  • The fabric used is cool, lightweight and provides a maximum stretch without losing its functionality. It contains an antimicrobial agent which assists in the elimination of unwanted odour producing bacteria


RockcketsRange.com | Why Rockets Compression?

On feedback from our professional athletes riding in our range we designed our Elite range which brings all the above advantages to the garment but boasts the following upgrades:

  • 2 Compression fabric panelling for targeted support/compression to the working muscles
  • An elastic waistband with drawstring for comfort over hips
  • Foot part for comfort and extended compression



When should I wear my Rockets Graded Compression Garments?

During exercise Rockets Compression Garments will:
  • Increase performance by reducing muscle vibration
  • Improving temperature control
  • Increase oxygen transport to the working muscle by accelerating venous return to the heart.


After exercise Rockets Compression Garments will:

  • Assist in the removal of lactic acid. This will aid vasoconstriction preventing blood pooling in the lower extremities, thus speeding up the recovery of damaged muscles


How long should I wear my Compression Garments for post exercise?

Research has shown to wear them for a minimum period of 90 minutes. However, a number of athletes tend to sleep in their Rockets Compression Garments, especially after travelling and/or a heavy training session the day before.